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Optical Metrology


Surface &  Thin Film Characterization

 Ellipsometry Polarimetry Optical Instruments  

OPTICAL METROLOGY & POLARIMETRY for  Micro and Nano-Technology.

A Scientific Consulting and Expertise Service offered to customers.

We propose developments  & technology monitoring using metrology optics  for various applications   using Specroscopic Ellipsometry and Polarimetry.
Assistance can be established through contracts within a NDA protocol. The corresponding  interface is then setup between R&D laboratories and  the customer when Optical characterization is requested especially for thin films stackings (ultra  thin layers,  new materials, nanotechnology in line and off line).
Projects receive expert attention within this research environment  .This a way to consolidate optical models adapted to last innovative optical instruments such as Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Polarimetry. This is our way of excellence to deliver



    • Assistance in the selection of proposals made by suppliers of instruments best suited to the needs of metrology research.


    • Optimization of data acquisition  from instruments


    • Support while  mounting European or Regional  financial programs by considering the feasibility and the relevance of a scientific project


  • Parallel education & training: seminars application or General instrumentation optics and the  applications.\r\n

    Our References

    More than 50 publications in Ellipsometrie Polarimetrie
    International  recognition , still Reviewer in various scientific journals TSF1, JOSA2 EJAP3.
    Within NDA interactions to protect the customer , various  possible exchange with different groups at a global level in Ellipsometry and reflectometry and Polarimetry: particularly with instrument suppliers  KLA Tencor, j. Woollam, Horiba Scientific and SemiLab Sopra.

      • Participation in various industrial instrumentation projects (first spectroscopic ellipsometers in visible, infrared and extreme ultraviolet  ranges in France)
      • \r\n
      • Knowledge within NDA interactions with different groups at the global level Ellipsometrie and reflectometry Polarimetry: KLA Tencor, j. Woollam, Horiba Scientific and SemiLab Sopra

    We have SKILLS for

      • Nanotechnology measurement  ex and in situ processing for new materials  with simulation programs
      • New Multi layers stackings and surface properties studies
      • Polarimetrie Photonic Structures and lithography
    Adsorption of surface porosimetrie studies.


GGratingScatterometry models for IC design CD data

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EuV Projects


Thick SiO2 on silicon substrate sample  Ellipsometry data ( Experiments : SE UV Ellipsometer at LETI . (unpublished 2008)


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