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Optical Metrology


Surface &  Thin Film Characterization

 Ellipsometry Polarimetry Optical Instruments  

OPTICAL METROLOGY & POLARIMETRY for  Micro and Nano-Technology.

A Scientific Consulting and Expertise Service offered to customers.

We propose developments  & technology monitoring using metrology optics  for various applications   using Specroscopic Ellipsometry and Polarimetry.
Assistance can be established through contracts within a NDA protocol. The corresponding  interface is then setup between R&D laboratories and  the customer when Optical characterization is requested especially for thin films stackings (ultra  thin layers,  new materials, nanotechnology in line and off line).
Projects receive expert attention within this research environment  .This a way to consolidate optical models adapted to last innovative optical instruments such as Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Polarimetry. This is our way of excellence to deliver



    • Assistance in the selection of proposals made by suppliers of instruments best suited to the needs of metrology research.


    • Optimization of data acquisition  from instruments


    • Support while  mounting European or Regional  financial programs by considering the feasibility and the relevance of a scientific project


  • Parallel education & training: seminars application or General instrumentation optics and the  applications.\r\n

    Our References

    More than 50 publications in Ellipsometrie Polarimetrie
    International  recognition , still Reviewer in various scientific journals TSF1, JOSA2 EJAP3.
    Within NDA interactions to protect the customer , various  possible exchange with different groups at a global level in Ellipsometry and reflectometry and Polarimetry: particularly with instrument suppliers  KLA Tencor, j. Woollam, Horiba Scientific and SemiLab Sopra.

      • Participation in various industrial instrumentation projects (first spectroscopic ellipsometers in visible, infrared and extreme ultraviolet  ranges in France)
      • \r\n
      • Knowledge within NDA interactions with different groups at the global level Ellipsometrie and reflectometry Polarimetry: KLA Tencor, j. Woollam, Horiba Scientific and SemiLab Sopra

    We have SKILLS for

      • Nanotechnology measurement  ex and in situ processing for new materials  with simulation programs
      • New Multi layers stackings and surface properties studies
      • Polarimetrie Photonic Structures and lithography
    Adsorption of surface porosimetrie studies.

The MProbe 20 series :another choice..

The MProbe20
choice for another thickness range...




 The MProbe 20 series is a desktop system for thin-film thickness measurement. The measurement is based on spectroscopic reflectance and uses fiber optics retro-reflecting probe. This approach yields a compact, easy to use and affordable system.The system is user friendly and easy to setup – you will be ready to start measurements right away. Everything is included for samples measurement: spectrometer/ light source (main unit), fiber optics probe, sample stage, software, calibration/reference sample.Our extensive materials library has 500+ materials. New materials can be easily imported or created/added to the library. Support for a wide range of parameterized materials (from Cauchy to Tauc-Lorentz, etc.) is included.One-click measurement combines data acquisition and data analysis. Everybody is a measurement expert with MProbe!For advanced users, we have all the sophisticated tools including sensitivity analysis, error-estimator, simulation, filmstack switching, global optimization, layers and materials linking, etc. that can be used for advanced applications development.Reflectance and transmittance spectral data can also be used as a raw measurement (for example, as in spectrophotometer) or a for a wide range of other applications e.g. chemical concentration (we have a range of flow cells), filters and coating testing, etc.

Why use MProbe

Flexible: select the best hardware configuration for your application

Affordable: up to 50% savings as compared to other commercial instruments

Precision: unmatched precision <0.01nm or 0.01%

Materials database: extended database (500+ materials) is included

Software: flexible, user friendly and powerful software; integrated control/data acquisition and data analysis; any filmstack: no limits on number of layers, support inhomogeneous and thick incoherent layers, surface roughness, multi-sample analysis, etc.

Integration: several integration options are available: Modbus TCP, OPC (DA 2.0/3.0), custom options

Technical support: application and technical support

Practically any translucent or low-absorbing film can be measured: SiO2, SiNx, DLC, Photoresist, Polymer, Polyamide, polySi, nanocrystalline Si, aSi, Si, Parylene, industrial coatings.

1nm-1000µm thickness range

Thin-film solar cells: aSi, CIGS, CdT, TCO

Semiconductor and dielectric materials (Photoresist, oxides, nitrides, OLED stack)

Optical coatings (Anti-Reflection, Hard coatings, Filters)

Liquid Crystal displays (Cell Gaps, ITO, Polyamides)

Magnetic media, laser mirrors, thin metal films





Toward the Design of a new all  integrated,  imaging Spectroscopic Polarimetric Ellipso Microscope,(SPEM).


General state of art has been well developed these last decades in the SE Ellipso Polarimetry field. More than thirty years transformed this old technique into powerful tool but still R&D fashion even as big embodied and only mostly dedicated tools. Ellipsometry apparatus systems are indeed present in clean room environment and many industrial fields New SE Ellipso polarimeter designs are proposed today with complete full Muller matrix capability. The project should plan to build a compact and an integrated low cost system that can be realized using new integrated technology and implemented inside a regular optical microscope.Integrated structures with no movables parts assemblies enhance stability and repeatability of any optical instrument. For SPEM, that should lead to a large dedicated application dissemination. With present remote computing capabilities, polarimetric Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (SE) , it is possible to process real time optical data using the new technologies concepts available today. Full integrated polarimeter designs are already partly discussed in the literature. In such a project, more global solutions have to be considered i. e., a microscope polarimeter design including both spectroscopic capability (sp-polarimetry), angle resolved polarimetry (ar-polarimetry), and reduced spot size analysis capability for imaging, (i-polarimetry).It is worth them to reconsider all the assembly of such systems and how it has to be implemented in an integrated metrology concept: As light sources, various options can be adopted, laser, LED, or lamp source Kohler illumination systems



GGratingScatterometry models for IC design CD data

More News..

Here will be  Future developpments...

EuV Projects


Thick SiO2 on silicon substrate sample  Ellipsometry data ( Experiments : SE UV Ellipsometer at LETI . (unpublished 2008)


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