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Spectroscopic Ellipsometry at higher Vacuum Ultraviolet (V-UV) photons energies.


Metrology within the knowledge of the building of a Spectro-ellipsometer in the vacuum ultraviolet(V-UV)8-30 eV Photons Range commercial instrument.Concern the general state of art currently achieved in SE Polarimetry and VUV metrology fields. This project should consist in the build of an instrument incorporating a V-UV source capability without the need of the synchrotron line facilities
Concerned Fields : Microelectronic and Nanotechnologies, more generally as a tool for studying new materials physics,ultra thin layers, roughness depolarization and for optical surface inspection control.
Material properties already explored and reported,yield wealthy information: in their internal inner band structure of elements, extra thin layered materials, phase transitions,oxide gap absorption properties, distinction following configuration in nitroxides [5], etc. ). Complementary to two additional techniques as well, but deeply heavy, destructive and delicate to operate such as Photoemission (25-500ev) and energy electron loss spectroscopy (EELS) (10-50ev). :
 At the present time, metrology needs using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry technique are to be extended to the far Ultraviolet range. The reasons and interests rely in the design and the developments of the advanced integrated circuit (IC) technologies,new materials and nanotechnology design.


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GGratingScatterometry models for IC design CD data

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Thick SiO2 on silicon substrate sample  Ellipsometry data ( Experiments : SE UV Ellipsometer at LETI . (unpublished 2008)


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