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  • The Author obtained his PHD in solid state Physics, ( French Doctorat d'Etat) in Magnetic Resonance field with  the Heisenberg Spin one dimensional systems in 1978 . After a year at IBM he was dedicated to theLangmuir Blodgett  stearate paramagnetic properties, which were at this time , one of the material candidates potentially involved  in the Josephson IBM technology.  He joined CNET (France Telecom R & D), in 1980 and developed  research  in several field such as ion implantation Montecarlo simulations, laser temperature models during this first years with CNET. Introduced  in the Optical Characterization field and material sciences later, he developed and participated to different programs in Europe with the setup of modern reflectometers, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry  (first visible  and infrared setup), with CNET and Sopra in Paris, and with Plasmos Gmbh / Philips through in  Medea program with a one wavelength clean room ellipsometer later and more recently toward the Jobin Yvon Horiba polarimeter within the Mueller Fourier project at Leti. During these periods , he developed also  skills in several software languages such as  C++, C# and visual Basic in the hardware as well as in the simulation software with several own-build Spectroscopic ellipsometer reaching a high ultraviolet spectral range. With several patents, he is recognized in the literature with more than 50 mainly first authors  peer to peer publications and today still reviewer in several scientific journals such as Thin Solid Films or JOSA The author has been confronted  very often with large number of professional displacements worldwide abroad via South America (Lima Peru), the USA New York participating to the IBM postdoctoral program in YorktownHeights and traveling several times  to Boston (Spectra Physics IR Laser) and California when visiting KLA tencor and Nanometrics for STMicroelectronics Crolles facility establishment . At the end of the France Telecom venture in 2000, he joined STMicroelectronics as expert  collaborating with LETI and then Minatec to the Nanotechnologies development until 2009. He is project leader for Leti in the polarimetry program developed with the LPICM (Ecole Polytechnique in Paris).




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