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The International Conference on Frontiers of Characterization and Metrology for Nanoelectronics 2011 (IC-FCMN 2011)ocurred  in  Grenoble, France on May 23-26, the first time in eight meetings the conference is being held outside the United States.\r\n
The characterization and metrology conference was held at the Minatec center for nanotechnologies in Grenoble see proceeding of conference below

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Abstract submission opened  for the7th

Workshop Ellipsometry  held in Leipzig,

Germany, *March 05.-07.2012

6th Workshop Ellipsometry in Berlin Feb 21.24 2011\r\n

The 6th Workshop Ellipsometry took place on February 21st to 24th, 2011. It adressed new advances and developments in science, technology and applications of Ellipsometry as well as related optical methods of metrology. Scientists and engineers from multidisciplinary research and application areas joined this conference held at the Technical University of Berlin. On February 24th there was an add-on synchrotron ellipsometry workshop at BESSY in Berlin Adlershof. see link to abstract book.

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SPIE OPTICS PHOTONICS  Program August 2011


E-MRS Spring 2012 - Symposium W
Current Trends in Optical and X-Ray Metrology of Advanced Materials for Nanoscale Devices II

This E-MRS symposium is aimed to:
•give an overview of the current status of optical metrology for materials characterization and quality assurance of thin films, layer-structured materials, and one-dimensional nanomaterials, with a particular emphasis on state-of-the-art metrology;
The current trends in optical metrology mainly concern spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE),
polarisation and modulation
1) Advances in instrumentation, data nanlysis and modeling in both optical .Instrumentation:
· New optical components (e.g., rotating achromatic compensators, improved modulators, high brightness sources) and optical configurations (e.g., Mueller matrix ellipsometry)



The conference was a great success!  Thank you to all those who contributed!  Slides from the invited presentations are posted here with this link
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