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\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n ; Registration code (if you have it)\r\n ; Optional URL link when applet is "clicked".\r\n ; Reglink opened in new frame?\r\n ; Name of new frame for reglink\r\n; Statusbar message\r\n ; Image to load\r\n ; resolution (1 .. 8)\r\n ; Light effects ("YES" or "NO")\r\n ; Lowest light (-255 .. 255)\r\n ; Highest light (-255 .. 255)\r\n ; Auto design ("YES" or "NO")\r\n ; Density of fluid (2 .. 6)\r\n ; Number of fishes (0 .. 2)\r\n ; Cross effect ("YES" or "NO")\r\n ; Factor of cross effect\r\n ; Size of circular rain (0 = OFF)\r\n ; Circular rain factor\r\n ; Size of square rain (0 = OFF)\r\n ; Square rain factor\r\n ; Fixed drops ("YES" or "NO")\r\n ; X coord of fixed drops\r\n ; Y coord of fixed drops\r\n ; Size of fixed drops\r\n ; Factor of fixed drops\r\n ; Rain pressure (1 .. 2000)\r\n ; Fluidity ("water" or "oil")\r\n ; Interaction ("ON" .. "OFF")\r\n ; Optional image over applet\r\n ; Over image X offset\r\n ; Over image Y offset\r\n ; Memory deallocation delay\r\n ; Task priority (1..10)\r\n ; Min. milliseconds/frame for sync\r\nSorry, your browser doesn't support Java. ; Message for no java browsers.\r\n ; End of applet tag\r\n\r\n