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2018 wishes


In situ real time film growth monitoring with your smart Phone...!!


Easy to handle even from your desktop and no computer need.. the FS-1 ellipsometer is a very compact  and light ( lees than 500 grams,  13x6x6 centimeters boxes, two heads source / detector small size boxes that  you only need to fix on your cluster tool deposition or growth system such as ALD, CVD  or film PVD cluster tools.  You will then follow in real time and be able to monitor your system from your office with  your tablet  or smartphone (windows or android or apple).. Easy mounting in most  optical windows designs without breaking vacuum.. and even here no workstation or PC laptop needed!!!

Such a light setting can be used as well on top of any other processing configuration  like Langmuir Blodgett , (LB)trough,  water surfactants controls, TIRE experiments or porosimetry , ect... and getting much more accuracy than usual instruments.


To be followed  : Fs-1 with  an  IoT server with a low cost driver card server interface....