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Detailed Specifications

 As representative (non-exclusive dealer for Europe) for the European Film Sense (http://www.film-sense.com), OPTICNANO offers the possibility of acquiring a new ellipsometer very innovative and to a "low cost" since it represents only the investment of a reflectometer (of the order of € 30-40K VAT and delivery included. So I urge you to check this site.The Ellipsometry equipment market is completed with a new device the broadband 4 LED s spectroscopic (Band wide ellipsometer) built by a new company in ellipsometry.
The apparatus further has very combining innovative concepts including ease of use,
measurement speed (10 ms), portability and remote control .(It can be interfaced through a http wifi network (labview app already exists !!).Both permanent control as well as a calibration  deposition process.
Example can easily  be found in the  Applications range from FDSOI, to the potential mounting into a control pressure chamber like in the case of porosimetry studies.
This last application has currently raised a great interest from a Surface Science companies.
 Current SE instruments handle a greater number of wavelengths. In the FS-1 ellipsometer this disadvantage isbalanced by  a new measurement  philosophy. As ellipsometry parameters are entirely determinated at 4 wavelenghts, this turns very effective in the case of most transparent materials. The measurement approach is new purpose: without turning elements (Azzam system amplitude division), low point source noise (LEDs which have far greater life spans than the Xenon lamp 75 or 150 watts (200Heures), here we are talking about 50,000 hours!)).  Furthermore the calibration,adjustment are practically automatic, contrary as this turns to be in most laboratory and in line process control equipments. Very easy to adapt, the Fs-1 can by the e be used in a setting up approach. Such equipment does not therefore to only one tool. Its size is reduced to a total weight + source detection less than 2 kg. It is therefore easily adaptable for different tools under vacuum.Attached for example is the a custom tracking an ALD process showing clearly the enormous interest of such a system.

Because the birefringence effect of the windows is fully taken into account in the measurement protocol one does not need to break vacuum. The comparison of prices  with a standard full spectroscopic  Ellipsometry system  either off-line or in-line is a definitely  advantage .It is difficult to go into details on the instrument, so I am ready  to discuss with you or to present the instrument in a conf call or a seminar for your colleagues even outside the Grenoble region.
OPTICNANO is dealer to Europe,  Film Sense deliver the unit but we can support during the startup. The maintenance and upgrade remain still by Film sense. OPTICNANO will help  throughout the learning and considering the purpose of measurements in the applications you want to develop and why you would want to realize.
OPTICNANO brings its expertise in Ellipsometry, polarimetry.So do not hesitate to contact us for all the details filling the contact form of the site I include below a first exclusive list most documents provided by FilmSense.


logo-pdfData Representation

logo-pdfIn situ Data sheet ALD


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