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In situ real time film growth monitoring with your smart Phone...!!


Easy to handle even from your desktop and no computer need.. the FS-1 ellipsometer is a very compact  and light ( lees than 500 grams,  13x6x6 centimeters boxes, two heads source / detector small size boxes that  you only need to fix on your cluster tool deposition or growth system such as ALD, CVD  or film PVD cluster tools.  You will then follow in real time and be able to monitor your system from your office with  your tablet  or smartphone (windows or android or apple).. Easy mounting in most  optical windows designs without breaking vacuum.. and even here no workstation or PC laptop needed!!!

Such a light setting can be used as well on top of any other processing configuration  like Langmuir Blodgett , (LB)trough,  water surfactants controls, TIRE experiments or porosimetry , ect... and getting much more accuracy than usual instruments.


To be followed  : Fs-1 with  an  IoT server with a low cost driver card server interface....




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* Brevet ST N0 0504036 du 22.12.2005   US pat 11614673 (Dec 2006)



 Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometers  :

Conferences :

 Thank you for visiting our Booth OPTICNANO at E_Mrs Strasbourg. and  during RAFALD 2017 (Paris & Montpellier (nov 2017). I have been very pleased to discuss with you on your projects. We spoke also together to the right opportunity and what the choice of an in situ FS-1 ellipsometer could bring to you  providing  fast real time monitoring control.



Spring 2017  STRASBOURG France 

22-26 May 2017 Booth 75

e mrs


Emrs standEmrs stand sphoto groupe rafald2017      RAFALD Workshop 2017 Montpellier France                                       

e mrs

EuroCVD 21 – Baltic ALD 15 Conference Linköping. Sweden, 11 – 14 June, 2017 

 for Thin Film fast SE Measurements

  with the lowest price on the
ALDPhelma aldcycle


In situ setup at Phelma (RAFALD Workshop 2015 Grenoble

 ALD tutorials

courtesy of Dr Deschanvres  and C. Vallee INPG LMG SIMAP UJF

Thicker layer ? The MProb series from SemiConSoft ... see next



Positions professionnelles

STMicroelectronics (depuis 2000): R& D in Optical Characterization Senior Expert  VUV Ellipsometry Mueller Matrix Polarimetry Scatterometryr Mueller Polarimetry ( responsable du projet au Leti).

CNET,Cns France Telecom (R&D )

Thin Films /optical Characterization Instruments (Ellipsometry  (visible  and Infra red)and reflectometry.

Laser induced Temperature modelisation(1984-87)      

Ionic Implantation (1980-1984).code Montecarlo

Partenariat d’Etudes et projets instrumentation avec plusieurs équipementiers ( JYH, SOPRA, Kla Tencor).Premier développements de l’ellipsometrie spectroscopique visible et dans l’infra rouge

  1. IBM (T.J.Watson Research Center P.O. Box 218 YorkTownsHeight .Y. 10598 -USA ). position postdoctorale (1978-1979.) (2-D paramagnet LB materials with M.Pomerantz)
  2. Commissariat Énergie Atomique (CEA) France Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Grenoble .DRF Département Recherches Fondamentales .Thèse Doctorat d'etat 1975/1978. French state PHD thesis Doctoral period. Magnetism Nuclear realaxation OverHauser effect)
  3. Univercidad Nacional de Ingenieria (U l ) Casilla 1301 LIMA Peru. (Cooperation enseignement, (mecanique quantique), et directeur de thèse Département de Physique mai 1974/aout75))
  4. CEA France –DRF (Département Recherches Fondamentales (DRF) Magnetic Resonance laboratory (research works in solid state physic 3rd post university level University thesis 1971 1974 . post university formation
  5. Summer Job 1970 . Analytical Chemistry Mass Spectrometry He in quartz diffusionCEA

Cursus Universitaire


Thèse Doctorat d’État Physique des Solides 1978

Thèse 3eme cycle Résonance magnétique (juin 1972).Grenoble Université.

Diplôme d'études approfondies (DEA) Physique de L’etat Solide 1971 .

Maitrise de Sciences (1970) Grenoble Université.

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Date de Naissance 05 10 1947 Grenoble (France)

Citoyenneté Française service coopération (Pérou Lima).

Ancien conseiller Municipal Ville de Corenc (Isere)

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