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The MProbe20
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 The MProbe 20 series is a desktop system for thin-film thickness measurement. The measurement is based on spectroscopic reflectance and uses fiber optics retro-reflecting probe. This approach yields a compact, easy to use and affordable system.The system is user friendly and easy to setup – you will be ready to start measurements right away. Everything is included for samples measurement: spectrometer/ light source (main unit), fiber optics probe, sample stage, software, calibration/reference sample.Our extensive materials library has 500+ materials. New materials can be easily imported or created/added to the library. Support for a wide range of parameterized materials (from Cauchy to Tauc-Lorentz, etc.) is included.One-click measurement combines data acquisition and data analysis. Everybody is a measurement expert with MProbe!For advanced users, we have all the sophisticated tools including sensitivity analysis, error-estimator, simulation, filmstack switching, global optimization, layers and materials linking, etc. that can be used for advanced applications development.Reflectance and transmittance spectral data can also be used as a raw measurement (for example, as in spectrophotometer) or a for a wide range of other applications e.g. chemical concentration (we have a range of flow cells), filters and coating testing, etc.

Why use MProbe

Flexible: select the best hardware configuration for your application

Affordable: up to 50% savings as compared to other commercial instruments

Precision: unmatched precision <0.01nm or 0.01%

Materials database: extended database (500+ materials) is included

Software: flexible, user friendly and powerful software; integrated control/data acquisition and data analysis; any filmstack: no limits on number of layers, support inhomogeneous and thick incoherent layers, surface roughness, multi-sample analysis, etc.

Integration: several integration options are available: Modbus TCP, OPC (DA 2.0/3.0), custom options

Technical support: application and technical support

Practically any translucent or low-absorbing film can be measured: SiO2, SiNx, DLC, Photoresist, Polymer, Polyamide, polySi, nanocrystalline Si, aSi, Si, Parylene, industrial coatings.

1nm-1000µm thickness range

Thin-film solar cells: aSi, CIGS, CdT, TCO

Semiconductor and dielectric materials (Photoresist, oxides, nitrides, OLED stack)

Optical coatings (Anti-Reflection, Hard coatings, Filters)

Liquid Crystal displays (Cell Gaps, ITO, Polyamides)

Magnetic media, laser mirrors, thin metal films





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