SNOWRAY: A very nice step into future
From what we learned before...
Even though being far away...
Meta materials.. Polarimetry Mueller matrices Surface Analysis but what else??
with 3D results SNOWRAY looks like that : Immediate picture!!! .If you get many data...
classical Mapping obtained with XY SE Mapping...2D acquisition takes a very long time isn't? Even with only 49 points
the ThetaSe from J.Woollam
e.g. with the Film Sense powerfull Instrument ... the RT300 from Film Sense 60seconds for only 49 points
or slower with other systems...
Is that a new way? ...Let's consider Plank 's law and Material Emissivity
Irradiated multi layers sample gives a unique signature
In the Infra Red related to respective material nature and respective layers stacks thicknesses
the IR Emissivity versus thickness can be thus calibrated.....provide then absolute thickness values..
with the SNOWRAY technique .. that's what we get
another wafer patented mapping technique
instantaneous measurement.compareto classical XY mapping..!!
A deep into wafer structure
with powerfull analysis since..for one detail..
One can focus on specific 3D defects detected ...
A SnowRay intial setting today available for testing .. further in situ systems could be realized too.....
when setup with In situ Ellipsometer with very fast acquisition rate (10ms)...
which provides an absolute real time calibration ...
Collaboration in Beta sites is opened worlwide ...
A new instrument a full real time thickness calibration .
Ag layer model (Francoeur et al 2013 JRT 75-85.)
and what can be evaluated....

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